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  • This model is now discontinued for sale by Breathalyser Direct Ltd. We now offer the AlcoSAFE KX6000S as an alternative which is a good value, entry level device offering more features and an easy read display. Please click on the image above to be take to the AlcoSAFE KX6000S page.

    The World’s best selling breathalyser ! ON SALE in over 50 countries Worldwide and available in the UK through Breathalyser Direct. ( World’s No.1 seller information supplied by the manufacturers – NO other personal breathalyser is sold in such large volumes in over 50 countries.)

    It is a very attractive compact unit finished with a sleek black and silver casing and based on the ever popular AL2500 model. Unlike the older version of the AL2500, this model features a mouthpiece (reusable and washable) and the added benefit of flow check technology, error sensing and a built in cumulative test counter. The breathalyzer boasts a state of the art micro computer controlled check sequence ensuring that an adequate breath sample is blown into the unit.

    The AlcoScan AL2500 Elite X is supplied with 2 Free batteries, 3 mouthpieces (reusable) and similar to its sister unit, is light and convenient – easily stored in a pocket, handbag or car glovebox.

    NB : The unit is designed to pick up the presence of alcohol on a breath sample and is an ideal ‘morning after’ device.
    This unit is a personal breathalyser, designed for individual use and is NOT suitable as a device for use in employee screening/testing or as the basis for further action in an employee testing environment. Please have a look at our employers guide for guidance.

    The Breathalyser is calibrated in mg/litre, fully usable in any country.

    12 Month Warranty

    Ideal for morning after testing

    Breathalyzer Specifications
    Indication of BrAC 0.00 to 2.00 mg/litre % BrAc
    Warm Up Time Below 30 secs
    Response Time within 2 seconds
    Recycle Time 10 Seconds
    Mouth Piece Included (can be used without)
    Sensor Semiconductor
    Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries Supplied
    Weight 85g including batteries
    Dimensions (mm) 104mm Height x 40 width x 20 depth

    Auto power off

    Flow Check Technology

    Error Sensing Technology

    Battery Low Indication

    Designed to pick up alcohol

  • Breathalyser Direct are very pleased to be able to offer this great value AlcoSafe KX6000S Breathalyzer. This is a superb, accurate product with a unique TCSS – (Tri Colour Safe System – RED/AMBER/GREEN) and has rapidly established itself to be one of the top selling breathalyzer units in the UK and Europe.

    The AlcoSafe™ KX6000S breathalyzer has a unique, easy to read cutting edge easy read Traffic light system’, that ensures a non confusing, easy read, accurate breathalyzer result – every time. You can’t get it wrong ! Know Your Limit.

    Breathalyser Direct recently supplied this and the AL6000 breathalyzer for use on some BBC Drama programmes.

    The AlcoSAFE KX6000S was used on BBC 1’s Holby City Medical Drama Series. One of the central characters (Dr Greg Douglas – played by actor Edward Macliam) is featured being breathalised by an AlcoSAFE breathalyzer.

    Most recently, we have supplied the Alcosafe to the organisers of the prestigious annual Cannonball 2000 European Rally – 50 high performance sports cars driving through Europe from London – Paris – Monte Carlo – Milan – Paris – London. AlcoSafe was chosen to support the drivers in their quest to remain legal and safe on every leg of the journey due to its ease of use and high reliability.

    Please watch the videos below. The first test shows a sample of breath which results in a 0.00 reading and a GREEN light TCSS Display (Safe).

  • The AlcoScan AL6000 Prestige Professional Breathalyzer (Sleek Silver) is one of our most popular quality digital semi-conductor breathalyzer units – Highly popular with the NHS due to its reliability and robust breathalyzer design and supplied by Breathalyser Direct to a large number of NHS trusts in the UK.

    Also, supplied by Breathalyser Direct to Granada TV Media for use on some very well known drama productions, you may have seen this model and other models from Breathalyser Direct on television very recently – Coronation Street, Eastenders, Stella to name a few !

  • The AlcoScan AL7000 Professional Pack Breathalyzer (Latest Compact Hard Case Model) is a superb product for Breathalyser Direct that offers the very best in cutting edge semi- conductor sensor technology and sleek, attractive design. This fantastic kit now features a smart professional hard carry case.

    Breathalyser Direct have been chosen to supply The British Army with this premium product. The British Army required a robust, reliable and easy to use breathalyzer screening device from a professional breathalyzer supply company – The AL7000 and Breathalyser Direct were their prime choice and we are proud to be associated with HM Forces and breathalyser supplies.

  • Brand New Breathalyzer – Superb Accuracy

    The AlcoScan CA20 Professional Breathalyzer is the very latest device to be added to our range.

    The CA20 Pro replaces the older and LESS ACCURATE AL6000 and AL7000 models (these models use less accurate semi-conductor sensors) and the CA20 Breathalyzer offers superb accuracy thanks to its ‘Smart Fuel Cell’ technology. This device has quickly established itself as a robust, highly accurate breathalyzer and is already very popular with the NHS and a large number of companies due to its reliability and robust breathalyzer design. The AlcoSCAN CA20 Pro is now supplied by Breathalyser Direct to a number of NHS trusts, companies and personal users in the UK looking to upgrade to fuel cell technology for a similar price to the older LESS ACCURATE semi-conductor technology as used in the older model AL6000 and AL7000 breathalysers.

  • Breathalyser Direct are excited to introduce the brand new Alcovisor Mars Personal Fuel Cell Breathalyzer to the UK & Europe. If you are looking for premium accuracy for individual use this is the perfect device !

    Fuel Cell devices offer extremely high accuracy levels and are used in all Police grade breathalyzer units. You can now purchase this high level of accuracy at a budget price !

    The Alcovisor® MARS is a D.O.T. (NHTSA) approved, affordable handheld breath alcohol screening device (ASD). It is set up to read in the standard UK Police measuring units of ug/100ml – UK limit is 35.0

  • Breathalyser Direct are extremely pleased to offer the NEW Alcovisor Mercury Full Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser.

    We are very proud to be associated with the ground breaking initiative, called #RU2drunk which has attracted much debate on social media sites, with most people supporting the campaign. This sees every participating pub and club in a number of counties being equipped with a Police grade Alcovisor Mercury breathalyzer (supplied by Breathalyser Direct Ltd) for use by door and security staff to control access to premises when they suspect the customer is already drunk. This prevents possible problem/aggressive behaviour associated with alcohol intoxication. THE #RU2DRUNK campaign has been a huge success with Torquay Police alone, reporting a 39% reduction in alcohol fuelled crime.

  • Breathalyser Direct are pleased to offer the All NEW Alcovisor Mk X Full Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser. An upgraded professional hard case is now included alongside the compact carry pouch.

    Liverpool City Council Trading Standards in conjunction with Merseyside Police have recently purchased a bulk number of Alcovisor Mk X breathalyzers from Breathalyser Direct Ltd, for a new initiative involving pubs, clubs and night spots in Liverpool City. Door and Security Staff are able to breath test customers who appear to be heavily intoxicated before entering the premises, reducing problem behaviour later in the night. In a similar initiative, Derbyshire Police also purchased the Alcovisor Mk X for use in pubs and bars in their area.

  • This is the superb Dräeger 3000 breathalyser, manufactured by Draeger in Germany to their usual very high standards and is effectively a basic version of the Police issue Draeger 5510/6510 in use with a number of Police forces in the UK and worldwide.

    NOTE : This is the full Draeger (UK Police Manufacturers) 3000 device – it is not the OEM ‘Alcodigital’ branded version which we no longer stock.

  • Lion Alcoblow Breathalyser
    Lion 500/500P Breathalyser (Lion 500 Alcolmeter. Lion 500P Alcometer)
    Lion 400/400P Breathalyser (Lion SD400 Alcolmeter, Lion 400P Alcometer)
    Lion 600 Breathalyser (Lion 600 Alcolmeter, Lion Alcometer)
    Lion 700 Breathalyser (Lion 700 Alcolmeter, Lion Alcometer)
    Lion Mouthpieces for 500 Series
    Lion Mouthpieces for 400 Series

    As a UK distributor of Lion Laboratories, we are now able to offer the ability to order online, check out and pay by credit card or paypal – fast, free shipping on the full Lion range.Lion are arguably the world’s leading manufacturers of breathalysers supplying mobile (in-car), static and handheld breathalyser instruments. Breathalyser Direct are pleased to partner Lion and supply premium Lion breathalyzer products.

  • The Superb Alcovisor Jupiter Pro Breathalyser is the successor to the World leading BAC100 series Police breathalyzer which was (and still is) the World’s first hand held fuel cell alcohol detector, keypad and printer combined together with a colour TFT touchscreen display. Recently supplied by Breathalyzer Direct to a number of Police Forces Worldwide including Iraq, Tanzania, Nigeria and Uganda.

    The New Jupiter features the same internal UK made sensor but has a superb full colour touch screen TFT menu display which is very easy to use and offers the user many features not available on the older BAC100. It has the unique ability to take a Police grade EVIDENTIAL breath test and then print the result off within 15 seconds.


Alcoblow Breathalyzers, Digital Alcohol Tester Advanced flat-surfaced alcohol sensor. Energy saving & Environment friendly

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