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Entel DX422 VHF Two Way Radio

  • 16 Channels, 1 Zone
  • IP68 Submersible (2m, 4 hours)
  • MILSTD construction 810C/D/E/F/G
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery
  • 3 watts loudest & best clarity audio – in class
  • 2 slot simplex
  • Multiple receive groups
  • Talker alias (TX only)
  • Lone-Worker & Man-Down
  • Personal attack button
  • Group calling
  • Individual calling
  • Programmable buttons
  • Locking accessory connector


Entel DX422 VHF Two Way Radio

Mixed mode operation means that the DX422s can receive both DMR Digital and Analogue without the operator having to change channel. A keylock is also present with the DX422s in order to avoid accidental operation, this feature will lock functionality of your keys either through request of the user or after a pre-set period of time.  The DX422s makes use of a personal attack button, once activated the radio will send an alarm call to other radios in the group, while also emitting a high-pitched noise from the radio as a deterrent. Lone Worker is also a feature available with the DX422s, monitoring activity levels should a radio be stationary for a pre-set period of time an alert will be sent out to other radios within the group.

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Entel DX422 VHF Two Way Radio
Entel DX422 VHF Two Way Radio